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3 Important Key Steps to Ensuring Business Continuity
and Availability in Manufacturing

Webinar:  Maximizing Productivity through Efficient Wireless

Tuesday, October 30  1:00pm EST

Manufacturers need a secure, unified, easy-to-manage industrial-wireless network that cuts costs while increasing productivity and output.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce operational costs and complexity with a unified wireless infrastructure.
  • Monitor hard-to-reach locations such as machinery in motion.
  • Connect people and machines. Track data on hand-held devices and receive real-time alerts from equipment.


BCS exists to improve competitive market advantages for our clients. We deliver end-to-end IT and communications solutions that are cost-effective and match your operational needs. We develop lifelong client relationships by eliminating technology-based headaches through scalable solutions from IT assessments to 24/7/365 support. BCS’ unique qualification to deliver best in class solution is the result of our strong of technology partnerships, deep industry experience and committed staff of over 80 professionals.


Our IT experts can manage your security and backup and recovery processes and solutions. They can also handle your phone systems, servers, networks, and more.


Use a Software-as-a-Service delivery platform to securely expand your collaboration capabilities and improve operational efficiency — while lowering costs.


Be confident as you migrate to the new platforms your end users demand, and that you need. There are no “forced marches” with your existing technology investments. We upgrade your solutions at your own pace.


We’re more than a solutions provider: We’re your partner for everything IT, helping you accomplish your business goals.

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