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Media IT Management

Your agency uses high-powered hardware and large, compute-intensive applications for creating and editing large files. You require fast networks to send and secure those files and connect to repositories for controlled collaboration.

BCS is your source for handling all of your managed media IT solutions. We install, update and test applications to make sure everything perfectly integrates. BCS also ensures all desktops, servers and network appliances are installed, maintained and repaired. Finally, we manage your network’s infrastructure to make sure your files reach their destination quickly and unharmed.

Media & Ad IT Services

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced System Security
  • File Sharing and Backup
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT Consulting & Strategy
  • Server Management

Advantages of Advertising Agency IT Services

Necessary Guidelines

Working with a large volume and variety of data requires disciplines such as version management, rules and permission setting, storage and archiving. BCS implements policies and procedures to handle all of your needs.

Business Continuity

Business never stops when it comes to agency life. Your network must always be operational and at peak performance. We keep your systems working their best—so you can, too.

Customized Solutions

Your technology profile is unique and depends on specialized applications that require equally specialized desktops and servers. BCS delivers customized strategies and implementations to keep your agency efficient.


BCS recognizes that agency profit is built into your operational budget. The lower your budget, the more revenue you keep. Whether you run IT in-house or with BCS, we make sure this balance positively impacts your bottom line.

BCS makes sure you have the working

technology you need to succeed.