Warehouse and Distribution

Integrated Technology Solutions for Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouses and distributors rely on communication tools to stay connected with employees, products and supply chain partners. Seamless communications are essential to maintaining your competitive advantage and when those communications fail, the consequences are dire.

Ensure your communications are seamless, consistent, and functional at all times. Partner with BCS to meet customer demands, keep your communications and systems running smoothly, leverage the newest technologies, and allow your people to stay connected from any location. BCS has extensive industry expertise with warehouses, wholesalers and distributors of all types. Whether your company is a distributor with multiple locations, direct-to-customer distributor, third-party service provider, or manufacturer with its own warehouses for shipping and receiving, the need for communication is essential.


Our solutions address your technology priorities:

  • Keeping data, materials, and finished products secure.
  • Operational visibility into your equipment and people.
  • Managing inventory and logistics across multiple locations.
  • 24/7 operational uptime and support resources.


BCS’ comprehensive managed technology solutions evaluate, build, deploy, and support your critical infrastructure.
• ASSESS: Objective reviews and audits of existing technologies and methodologies
• ARCHITECT: Our roadmaps for network infrastructure, communications systems, and hosted cloud platforms cover current and future needs
• OPTIMIZE: BCS streamlines networks and infrastructure to lower costs and increase revenue
• IMPLEMENT: We use our deep technical expertise to install solutions correctly and cost efficiently
• SUPPORT: Customers are our top priority. Our 24/7 help desk for network and end-user support provides rapid-response teams to fix problems quickly


Our custom technology roadmaps maximize your return on today’s technologies and provide insights into the technologies that will impact your business’ future.
We deliver comprehensive technology solutions that address critical needs. Keep your data secure, communications fully operational, and systems upgraded, maintained, and ready to support your operations. Our U.S.-based engineering teams are BCS employees, not outsourced staff, giving you access to highly trained talent ready to serve.
BCS has years of experience working with manufacturing companies. We understand the complex operations and the need to use technology to innovate. We deliver:
• Cost reduction. Increase productivity, reduce operational expenses with 24/7 technology support.
• Multi-location support. Support for manufacturing operations across multiple locations in North America and Europe. 24/7/365 support via a U.S.-based helpdesk.
• Visibility. Our tools and support solutions give you a holistic real-time view of systems and operations.
• Communication system management. Keep voice, data, video, telepresence and presentation communications up and running across multiple locations.
• IT security. Protect systems with secure comprehensive, multilayer protocols, including compliance with security guidelines for government subcontractors.
• Data safety. Secure data via monitoring tools, data leakage detection, and advanced encryption.