Server Migrations
& Virtualization

BCS Migration & Deployment IT Service Provider

Old servers can become a nuisance, slowing down your productivity and efficiency. When it’s time to replace old servers or even switch to a completely different business IT system, it must be done smoothly. BCS makes that transition happen without disruption. We manage your data and documents stored on your old systems without you facing any downtime during the transfer. We install new hardware and software, then through configuration and testing, we’re able to ensure your systems run seamlessly.

Migration & Deployment IT Service Provider

  • PC & Mac
  • Router, switch, firewall and wireless
  • Network cabling installations
  • Cloud solutions
  • Office and data center

Advantages of Server Migration and
Deployment Services

Save Time

System deployments and migrations often bring unwanted surprises for a staff that lacks the right experience. What was expected to take a day can turn into days—and that’s expensive. BCS has the experience and skill to get it done quickly and correctly.

Transfer Data Smoothly

Your goal is to prosper and grow. Opening additional office locations is no problem with our migration and deployment services. We ensure your servers are up and running when you’re ready to open your new locations.

Ensure Consistent Performance

There’s a dependency and expectancy when you migrate servers that the systems are functioning completely. We run tests on your systems to ensure everything is running properly.

Make Migrations Simple

BCS covers migrations from end-to-end. We install the hardware and software, configure the system and run tests to ensure your systems run effectively and successfully.

Take the hassle and complexity out of taking
your business to new levels.