Video Collaboration
& VoIP Telephony

Strengthen Communication with
Telephony Services from BCS

The power of a crisp, clear telephone conversation should never be discounted. With the exception of a face-to-face meeting, real-time dialogue on the phone is one of the best ways to pick on someone’s tone and sense how receptive they are. Scripted and controlled electronic messaging doesn’t allow for this. Great salespeople know this. Telephone communication isn’t going anywhere.

BCS offers enterprise-level Unified Communications phone support so making calls is less expensive than ever before. You’ll have the ability to transfer images, videos and text while speaking and sharing during multimedia sessions. Staying connected is the backbone of your business so having reliable voice services is integral to successful communication between you and your clients.

VoIP IT Support

Remote Monitoring
  • Find and fix problems impacting end users before they’re reported
  • Reduce costs by detecting toll fraud and other non-compliant calls
  • Reduce credits for Service Level Agreement violations and improve service levels to customers
  • Decrease reaction time and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Eliminate the cost and maintenance of unused gateway, server and device resources
  • Utilize intelligent policy-based traffic control for predictable levels of performance
  • 24/7 router monitoring & alerting
  • 24/7 switch device monitoring
  • 24/7 reliability & Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring
  • Remote control-enabled software
VoIP System Maintenance
  • Online case management
  • Asset management & inventory
  • Major revision upgrades
  • Network performance tuning & optimization
  • Warranty & service contract tracking
VoIP System Security
  • Configuration backup
  • Security mitigation audit
  • Security remediation

Advantages of VoIP Telephony Services


With VoIP phone services, calls go over the Internet bringing your phone bill costs to a minimum. You can also keep your existing hardware or use ours for a small monthly fee, with the ability to upgrade at anytime.

Proactive Support

We offer tiers of VoIP phone support to provide the right level of proactive, preventative and responsive phone system support. These level range from nonstop preventative maintenance and monitoring to 24/7 remote and onsite IT support.

Comprehensive Security

BCS goes through a security audit to ensure your VoIP phone system has all the updated patches, software and hardware necessary for basic security. We’re able to maintain continuity of service by handling configuration backups in case disaster strikes.

Preventative Maintenance

We perform routine, regular remote and onsite preventative maintenance. We keep track of your telecommunications assets to ensure service contracts are current and components are inventoried and tracked.

Keep the lines of communication efficient,

clear and affordable.