Private & Higher Education
IT Support

Providing A+ IT Support for Schools

Right now, your teachers are creating the next generation of learning experiences for their students with new technology resources, but is your IT staff getting the most out of this technology investment? You need an IT infrastructure that runs seamlessly to give your staff the time and resources they need to achieve educational goals. BCS365 monitors your system around the clock to reduce downtime and costs. Our managed IT services, provide you with the personnel resources to give your staff more time to focus on the educational initiatives that benefit your community.

Higher Education IT Support for Schools

  • Prevent System Failures
  • Email & File Sharing
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Manage Servers & Networks
  • Perform Updates
  • Security & Compliance

Advantages of Managed Services for Schools

Standardized Processes

BCS365 works alongside schools to execute effective IT strategies. We support and standardize processes to efficiently meet the demands of the departments, faculty and organizations that IT supports.

Stay Competitive

We understand educational institutions compete with each other and it’s important to stay ahead of the competition. BCS365 can help differentiate you in your market based on the services you offer students.


BCS365 helps schools scale to meet expanding needs even when you don’t get a proportionate increase in your budget for the latest hardware, software and IT personnel.

Reduce Costs

Every school is under pressure to reduce capital and operating expenses. We work with you to do just that while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.

Put our IT support for schools to the test.