Virtual CIO Services

Developing Your Expert IT Strategy

Your ability to grow depends largely on being able to realize a strong return on your IT investment. You’ve undoubtedly been told, perhaps even sold, on how easy this is or can be. Nothing of value comes easily, but with expert advice, IT can be made considerably easier and more effective.

Our Virtual CIOs offer the guidance of an expert who matches your business needs to the right technology at an affordable cost. This includes process standardization, workflow optimization, budget forecasting training and much more.

Virtual CIO IT Services

  • Application selection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity planning
  • IT strategy
  • Network planning & integration
  • Vendor management
  • Cloud strategy
  • Financial budgeting, forecasting & ROI analysis
  • License compliance tracking & reporting
  • Project management
  • Create & maintain technology roadmap
  • Network architecture design
  • Project research
  • RFP preparation & proposal review

Advantages of Virtual CIO Services

The Power of Partnership

BCS experts are here to strengthen your team. We keep a guiding eye over your entire IT landscape to ensure that your technology is designed and configured to address your specific business needs.

Comprehensive Protection

Our Virtual CIOs design, backup and restore architecture. We’ll determine how to implement it, then bring it all together to form your disaster recovery strategy.

Insightful Analysis

We perform comprehensive research and analysis to provide a detailed plan for each project. We also create long-term strategic roadmaps to guide you through business growth and transition.

Shine the skilled perspective of our IT experts on your organization and watch it grow.