BCS CallProcessing and QPS Announce Strategic Partnership

BCS CallProcessing and QPS Announce Strategic Partnership

BCS CallProcessing and QPS (Quality & Productivity Solutions, Inc.) announced a new partnership to extend their compliment of services for business improvement and management systems for many different industries.  BCS is a national full-service managed technology service provider delivering technology solutions to reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantages. QPS (Quality & Productivity Solutions, Inc.) is a training, auditing and consulting firm providing quality, productivity and business improvement solutions impacting quality, speed, cost, customer satisfaction and business growth.

The partnership enables both companies to support manufacturing, service, life science and other companies with a more comprehensive suite of solutions to help them understand, evaluate and achieve compliance to critical Management System standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 2700, ISO 13485.

QPS further provides both public and customized training programs for any company employee to be competent in today’s economy. They offer over 200 courses on a variety of topics needed by all types of industries.  

Learn How to Keep Your Information Assets Secure

BCS’ extensive experience implementing and supporting best practices for technologies relating to voice, data, security, video, wireless and cloud computing provides companies with the ready-to-use solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of the standards. Proactive monitoring of networks, desktops and security from BCS’ 24/7/365 U.S.-based help desk ensures maximum protection and data availability.  

ISO 27001 is the globally recognized standard providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). The standard is designed to help companies with asset protection, security policy, cyber security strategy, IT governance, incident management, threat mitigation, downtime reduction, and data breaches. Companies across a range of industries seek compliance and certification to this standard for customer satisfaction, business continuity, legal compliance, risk management and to support new business opportunities. The companies dealing with aerospace, defense and government requires to comply to NIST 800 (equivalent ISO 27001). QPS and BCS will work together to provide consulting, auditing and training needed for compliance and register to ISO.

About BCS
BCS exists to help clients reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantages. BCS delivers custom end-to-end technology and communications solutions that are cost-effective and match companies’ operational needs. Strong technology partnerships, US based support centers, deep industry experience and a committed staff of over 100 professionals makes BCS uniquely qualified to deliver and maintain scalable best in class technology solutions. More information at www.bcscallprocissing.com.

About QPS
Quality & Productivity Solutions, Inc. is a training and consulting firm providing services to improve quality, productivity, speed, cost, and individual skills, in addition to streamlining processes. Our goal is to improve processes, products, and performance – as well as achieve organizational and individual objectives.

QPS has the capability, skills, resources, and experience to work in all types of industries – including Service, Manufacturing, Government and Software. Training in over 100 topics ranging from Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management, Agile, Supply Chain, and Quality Management Systems, QPS offers training locations globally with excellent curriculum resulting in guaranteed satisfaction. More information at www.qpsinc.com 

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