How to Plan for Your Business Expansion or Relocation

How to Plan for Your Business Expansion or Relocation

Adding a new workspace or relocating your organization is a complex project. It requires extensive coordination and hundreds of decisions. Site selection, design, furnishing, packing and unpacking are all major logistical concerns.

Technology is another major component of any expansion or relocation. While your phone systems, data files, email and servers are generally running behind the scenes, they are supported by network infrastructure and systems. Without it, your company cannot function smoothly.

How to Plan for Your Business Expansion. Learn the best practices for managing an expansion or relocation

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Your technology moving plan is as vital as your office moving plan. Implementing the plan takes careful planning. It’s also an ideal opportunity to take a closer look and decide whether to upgrade, replace or reconfigure. A move is a great time to incorporate better technology and systems that help your employees be more productive and better serve your customers.

Assessing, choosing and coordinating technology requires the support of knowledgeable technical staff. The challenge for many organizations is that their IT departments are already stretched thin. They have neither the expertise nor the bandwidth to provide the necessary support for such an infrequent project as an expansion or move.

The technology portion of a move should not cause additional down time. In fact, with the right planning, you can even incorporate technical improvements into the broader moving plan and minimize disruption.

To begin planning for a move or new location, you need to give careful consideration to each core component. To learn more about the best practices for managing your technology through an expansion or relocation, download our white paper or speak to one of BCS’ experienced project managers.

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